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Rob Walden

Real World Education Group
My experience is underpinned by 25 years in education and business, and I have held posts as a PE teacher, Assistant Headteacher, Partnership Manager, Marketer, and Business Director.

Now, as Director of Real World Education Group, I am excited to lead within networks and partnerships who share a common mission - to foster a long-term approach to education and business, and to optimise the relationship between technology and uniquely human skills.

I feel fortunate to have been trusted with some special projects over the years - supporting and influencing education in the UK, China, Iraq and Rwanda.

Strategy and Implementation - my favoured approach is to turn words into actions, not just more words.

Business focus areas:

- The use of technology to improve remote working and de-centralised partnership environments
- Partnership development planning and curation of networks
- China-UK relations, exchange, teacher training and advisory
- Education to business partnership development and strategy
- Education & training marketing strategy and execution
- Event strategy, planning and management

Education Development:

- Relationship building and insight between cultural groups
- Leadership support and training
- Developing student leadership methods
- Teaching and coaching method in Physical Education and Sport
- Leading cultural change in the use of technology for learning

A snapshot of some of my experience:

- UK: teaching, leadership, coaching, pastoral care, engagement of hard-to-reach students, partnership management

- Iraq: education policy and active teaching method; improving cultural and religious relationships

- Rwanda: developing Rwandan education leaders' skills and modeling faster, deeper learning methods.

- China: school, company and government partnerships and education advisory

- Marketing and business consultancy for education

I'm also humbled by the engagement I am lucky enough to have with some of the most forward- thinking and influential people in UK and China education 🇬🇧 🇨🇳.
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